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Moses Basket Stands


Luxury Moses Basket Stand

Having purchased your new luxury moses basket you will need to look for an appropriate moses basket stand. These are usually easy to store as are often able to fold down. The rocking moses basket stand available from the Little Green Sheep Company produces an effective soothing motion to help your baby to sleep. There is various advice available with regards to using a moses basket and stand safely, but the key points are as follows:- Always pick up the moses basket by holding the base of the basket with one hand. The Moses Basket straps should meet in the middle. Always place the moses basket on the floor not on a surface where there is a risk of it falling. Check the Moses Basket is in top condition and not coming apart. A wicker basket will last longer than a maize one. Once your baby reaches a certain size and weight you will need to move the baby to a crib or cot - usually after between 3-6 months.