Spring Baby Essentials


  Spring is a wonderful time to have a new baby. The blossom is on the trees, the evenings are drawing out and there’s a hint of sunshine in the air. If you’re expecting a baby this spring you may be busy compiling a ‘must have’ list of items to buy before you give birth. With so much choice out there we know that it can often be hard to narrow it down – so we thought that we’d share our essential spring baby items with you to help you choose!

  1. 1.     A Baby Sleeping Bag

Although the days may be warmer there can still be a chill as night time falls and it’s important to keep your little one warm. However many new parents are worried about babies overheating under lots of blankets, or alternatively you might find yourself woken up in the night by a cold baby who has kicked off the sheets! That’s why we recommend a baby sleeping bag. These adorable sleep pods keep your baby warm and safe and are ideal for babies from birth onwards. We love our gorgeous Piccoli sleeping bag because it is just so cosy, and what’s more it is made from 100% organic cotton – ideal for your baby’s sensitive skin.

  1. 2.     A Stylish Change Bag

Just because you’re going to be a mum it doesn’t have to mean you lose your sense of style! Be prepared to get out and about with your baby in tow this spring and choose one of our stunning change bags from the KeriKit range. These bags are the height of fashion and their roomy interior and practical pockets mean that there’s plenty of room for everything your baby needs too.  We think that the Keri Jane Camel is perfect for spring with its sumptuous camel leather look.  

  1. 3.     An Organic Moses Basket and Bedding

  When you become a new mum you’ll really learn the value of a good nights sleep so anything that can help your little one to sleep through the night is a must have product! We believe that the foundation of good sleep for newborns is a good Moses basket. Using a Moses basket for your baby’s first bed means that they’ll feel cosy and safe. It’s also an ideal way to keep your baby close to you even when sleeping, and it’s portable too so that your little one can make the most of any sunny weather. Our Palm Moses Basket is organic and comes with a certified organic bumper and sheet from The Little Green Sheep – meaning that it’s perfectly gentle and breathable for that supersoft baby skin.  

  1. 4.      A Play Blanket

Sunshine is great for little ones (and mums too) so as the spring days get longer and warmer you’ll want to be outside as much as possible. That’s why we think a multipurpose play blanket is a must have item for any mum. Our Harlequin Dawn play mat is stunning and organically soft. Use it for tummy time play, take it to the park with you for outdoor picnics, cover up when having a nap in the buggy or use it as a cot blanket! The timeless design and high quality means that your blanket will last and last!   Of course there’s a whole range of beautiful nursery goods available at Custard and Crumble so why not take a look at our website to get some great nursery design ideas too!