NW London Baby Show Feedback


  Firstly apologies for the lack of blog writing, but as many of you know we exhibited at our first baby show last Sunday 11th November in Elstree, NW London.  The show started at 10am but we were able to start setting up from 7.30am so I arrived with my son and husband to help me unload all of the lovely samples which my suppliers had so kindly donated for the day.  I had done a practise layout of the stand at home, but of course things never go to plan and the actual table I was given was a lot narrower than I had anticipated.  A moment of slight panic set in, but with a bit of moving around I managed to show everything on the stand which I had intended. Once the doors opened at 10am there was a constant flow of expectant Mums and Mothers with their tots.  We received lots of great comments with people particularly drawn to the beautiful pink striped Nina chair for children at the front as well as the chocolate speedster car! Our competition to win a milk chocolate teddy bear was great and our luckly winner has already received their new teddy in the post! It was amazing how quickly time flew by and before we knew it it was 4pm and ready to pack away.  Thank you to all those who visited us on Sunday, and to those who could not make it here are a few photos of our stand and my son sporting the chocolate speedster!