Well the summer holidays are now officially in full swing.  We have already been on ours - a fantastic camping trip to the Alps with our little one - hence the lack of blog writing and general social media visibility! When it comes to entertaining our little ones during the summer though I need a lot more inspiration as all the classes appear to stop for the under 3's and they are too young to join summer clubs! With Olympic fever at a height what better way to keep them amused than get outside exercising (in the sun when we have it!) The local park is a firm favourite with the chance to run around and explore, swimming pool and splash parks are great for those water babies and on rainy days take a look at our playhouses, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.  

I know that I’m not alone in struggling to find ideas to keep the kids entertained during the holidays, and it can be especially tough when you have an only child as Chrissie Saunders was saying in her ‘Looking forward to the summer holidays?’ blog. It’s so much easier when there are siblings as they have heaps more imagination than us and can happily invent their own games to amuse themselves for hours on end without a single cry of “I’m bored”!

If, like me, you’re finding it hard coming up with ideas for kids’ activities, Beth Ivory has lots of tips for free entertainment for the kids, both indoors and out which might just help you out. And one despairing House Dad shares the tips he gleaned from mum friends on Twitter. He doesn’t seem entirely sold on some of the ideas but as the holidays wear on, anything’s worth a go! Getting them to draw their own outlines on lining paper, cut them out and complete a self portrait is my personal favourite. Themummyblogger also has some great ideas for craft days with the little ones. Mine can’t wait to try her ‘puffy paint’ recipe do some finger painting. I wonder how much of it will actually end up on the paper….