I came across The Little Green Sheep through an online search for baby mattresses and other organic baby sleeping products.  The Little Green Sheep was founded in 2006 with their first product the UK's first certified chemical free organic cot mattress.  I instantly loved their products which are all completely natural and of a fantastic quality.  The products offered by The Little Green Sheep include baby, toddler and junior mattresses, bedding and moses baskets.

The Little Green Sheep Mattresses

The range of The Little Green Sheep mattresses are all 100% chemical free and make the perfect start for your baby.  Choose between the natural twist and organic mattresses. 

The natural latex twist mattress provides dual support for your baby and toddler.  It is entirely free of chemicals and comes with a five year guarantee.  This mattress is unique as it offers two sides of varying support.  A firm support for babies on one side and a more supple latex support on the other for when your baby becomes a playful toddler!  This Little Green Sheep mattress is made from coconut coir which provides an evenly sprung support, natural latex which creates a compfy and supple support which is entirely chemical free, natural fleece wool which is naturally anti-dust mite and breathable and finally finished with an unbleached cotton cover which holds everything together.

The organic cot mattress is the only mattress to be certified organic by the soil association.  As with the natural twist mattress it comes with a five year guarantee.  This organic mattress is handmade in the UK using only the finest materials and is recommended for babies suffering from allergies.  It is extra-breathable and helps control your baby's body temperature.  It is naturally anti-dust mite and suitable from 0-5 years.

It is also possible to get a custom sized mattress, separate moses basket mattress or travel cot mattress please call for a quote!

The Little Green Sheep Bedding

The Little Green Sheep bedding range is all made from organic cotton and entirely chemical free.  Each set is available in eco-white or natural colours.  The moses basket set is a great little starter set for your baby.  Each moses basket bedding set includes a small jersey baby blanket, two fittted jersey sheets and a waterproof mattress protector.  Also available are crib bedding sets, cot and cotbed sets.

The Little Green Sheep Moses Baskets

The Little Green Sheep offer two different luxury moses baskets, a wicker and maize basket.  The award winning moses baskets are entirely chemical free and provide the perfect start in life.  Each moses basket comes with an organic cotton bumper sheet and Little Green Sheep mattress.  Unlike the foam mattresses which come with many moses baskets The Little Green Sheep provide a natural supportive coir mattress providing a firm and compfy support for your baby.  The mattress is made from layers of breathable fleece wool and coconut coir.  Unlike foam mattresses the core of coconut fibre ensures the mattress retains its structure and reduces the risk of dipping.  Moses baskets are for use for when your baby is approx 0-4 months old.  The Little Green Sheep offer two different moses basket stands for use with the luxury moses basket.  The static stand is made from completely natural, untreated pine.  The rocking stand is also available in a natural, unfinished solid pine, but unlike the static stand it can be used to help rock your baby to sleep.

We hope you love the range of products offered by The Little Green Sheep, we certainly do!