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Swaddle Blankets


We love the stylish swaddle blankets from new designer 'Isla & Wilbur'.  Their beautifully soft muslin swaddles are made from 100% bamboo rayon fibre.  They are gorgeously soft whilst still being breathable making them perfect for swaddling your newborn baby.

We are also proud to be offering the International award winning swaddle blanket from Merino Kids™ which has been designed especially with the safety and comfort of the newborn to 3 months in mind. The range of Cocooi™ Swaddle (or babywrap) by Merino Kids™ are made from the finest 100% natural merino wool medically proven to help babies settle more quickly and sleep for longer.

Keep you baby calm with a swaddle blanket

Swaddling is the name for the age old technique of wrapping your baby up to make them feel more secure and less likely to be woken by the little jerks he does in his sleep known as the startle-reflex. Swaddling gives a slight pressure on the babies body which is said to be similar to that which the baby would have felt in the womb thus helping him to calm down. When swaddling it is important to use a light weight fabric and never to cover the babies head. The swaddle blanket range from Merino Kids™ are all made from merino wool which stretches to your babies body shape. Merino is breathable and helps regulate your babies temperature. Each swaddle blanket has been made with a vent function allowing your baby to be safely secured in their car seat or buggy. They also come with a free hat - although it is not recommended that the hat be used indoors. The range of swaddle blankets from Isla & Wilbur come in a selection of colourful designed based around farm animals. They are beautifully soft and made from 100% bamboo rayon fibre.