5 Ways For New Mums To Beat The January Blues


  January can be a hard month for everyone but it can be particularly difficult for new mums. Whilst life with a young baby is lovely, it isn’t always easy and now that the Christmas festivities are over some mums find that they come back down to earth with a bump – and the cold weather and dark evenings don’t help! But there are lots of simple ways to cheer yourself up and beat those winter blues. Here are some of our top tips from new mums for ideas to get motivated and lift your mood this January. Make some mum friends It can be lonely being a new mum, you’re often on your own all day ,and if you are the first in your friendship group to give birth then you might find that you don’t see as much of your old friends as you used to. So, make a new year’s resolution to make some mum friends in your local area. It’s lovely to have a group of people you can relate to or just share a coffee with whilst you commiserate about sleepless nights and the joys of weaning! Going to baby and toddler groups or joining the NCT are both great ways to meet up with fellow mums and will help you build a supportive and friendly network. Learn something new with your baby You’ll want to keep your brain active when you’re on maternity leave so why not learn something new – and you can bring your baby along too! There are lots of mother and baby activities around which cover a wide range of interests. From swimming to yoga or singing to sign language there’s bound to be an option to suit you and your little one.  Studies show that stimulation can boost your baby’s brain power and they’ll love sharing a learning experience with their mummy. Take a breath of fresh air Even though it’s cold outside take a walk in the fresh air to blow away the winter cobwebs. Exercise can really brighten your day and helps you to release feel good endorphins into your system. It’s also really good for your baby to get outside regularly too. So wrap up warm, fire up the buggy and get active! You could take a gentle stroll around the park or, if you’re looking for something more challenging, why not join a ‘buggysize’ style class where you can do some exercises especially designed for new mums, this is also a brilliant way to meet new people too. Become a mindful eater When you have a small baby you often find that your time is just not your own. Meals are swapped for a snack that is grabbed on the go and it’s rare that you ever actually finish your much longed for cup of tea! However a lack of vitamins and essential minerals can really deplete your mood and leave you feeling tired and down. Make sure that you take the time to eat healthily and choose tasty and nourishing foods that feed your body and soul.  Whizz up some super soups or smoothies and have them ready in the fridge to snack on to keep you energized throughout the day. Take some ‘Me time’ Sometimes you just need a bit of ‘me time’ to re-charge your batteries. It’s really important to take a break occasionally and it’s vital for your health and wellbeing. You might just want an hour to soak in the bath or read a magazine in peace or you could head out to the shops, the gym or even the local library. Try to put yourself first every once in a while and give yourself the space to relax and recuperate – after all motherhood is the hardest job in the world (but also the best!).