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Cots and Cot Beds

Country Cot Bed - White
Fontana Ice Cot Bed
Toulouse Cot Bed
Dragons Cot Bed

Luxury Cots and Designer Cot Bed Available

One of the first pieces of furniture any prospective Mum buys is a cot whether it be part of a nursery furniture set or stand alone and we have plenty of luxury cots and designer cot beds to choose from. There are two types of cot to choose from a cot or a cot bed. Generally a cot is smaller taking a mattress size 60x120cm and are perfect if space is a bit tighter. They tend to last until a child is about 2 years old and ready to move into a toddler / standard bed. A cot bed however is designed to transform into a standard bed once the child is ready, usually by taking off the sides. They tend to take a mattress size 70x140cm. Cot beds therefore tend to last until a child is about 5 years old depending on their size. The Custard & Crumble range of luxury cots includes cot beds and cots in an array of finishes as well as the magnificent Orpheus a round cot - the optimal luxury cot if you want to add a touch of Royalty to your nursery. This round cot comes as part of a nursery furniture set with matching armoire, dresser and changing station. The white sleigh cot continues to be the most popular with their soft curves and elegance. Furthermore the collection of cots and cot beds are often available with some under cot storage such as the Lucas sleigh cot bed or with a cot top changer such as the bailey sleigh cot bed, both in white.