If you’re embarking on your first holiday since becoming a parent you would be forgiven for being slightly concerned about everything that it entails. When you have a little one there’s no more packing a small cabin bag and simply heading off to the sun! But the good news is that with a little bit of planning and preparation you can have a fabulous and baby friendly holiday. In our experience it’s all about making sure you have everything that you need and making the most of some of the fabulous and innovative baby travel products on offer. So here are our top 5 essentials that we recommend you take with you for a baby friendly holiday.

  1. 1.     A lightweight travel cot

A good travel cot is a must have for your holiday. Not only does it mean that your baby can sleep safely and comfortably through the night, it can also double up as a handy playpen to keep your little one safe on the beach or out in the garden. Now, you might be thinking that travel cots can be cumbersome and heavy to lug around so we’re pleased to announce the arrival to our store of the wonderful Spacecot. This fantastic product has a unique design that means it can be opened and closed within 3 seconds, and it weighs only 6kg meaning it’s beautifully light and easy to carry around. It even comes with its own travel bag which makes it ideal for holidays and minibreaks.  

  1. 2.     A Stylish multi-purpose change bag

If you want a change bag that combines chic summer style with well thought out practicality then look no further than our KeriKit range of change bags.  These roomy bags mean that you can pack everything that you need to keep you little one well looked after when you travel. There’s a range of handy pockets for wipes, soothers, muslins and toys and a wipeable lining too. The best thing is that they look great so you’ll still look stylish in the sun.  

  1. 3.     The right clothes for the weather (hot or cold!)

Whether you will be sunning yourself in the Med or enjoying the mixed weather of an English beach holiday then you’ll need to come prepared with the right cloths for both you and your little one.  The fabulous Nine in the Mirror has everything you need to stay stylish on your holidays – from cute and cosy cardigans to pretty sunhats and towelling robes that are perfect for drying off after a swim in the sea.  There’s also a great range of glamourous clothes for mums to be so you can and your bump can still look amazing. We love their clothes so much that we are offering you 20% off with the code Custard20.  

  1. 4.     A good quality play mat

If your baby doesn’t like being in their buggy or can’t sit still in a sling then a play mat is a holiday essential. Perfect for the airport, the beach or the poolside our Harlequin Reversible Play Blanket is made of the softest organic cotton and means your little one can play safely anywhere. And of course if there’s a chill in the air it doubles up as a cosy quilt too!  

  1. 5.     A range of entertainment

You’ll want to keep your baby amused on holiday so don’t forget the entertainment! Toys, books and audio-tapes are all great ideas to keep them happy on long journeys as are a range of healthy snacks such as raisins, mini rice cakes and breadsticks. If you have access to a DVD then a few of their favourite cartoons can keep them happy and give you a bit of a break. And, if you are going to the beach or you have a pool at your resort some pool toys, armbands or a floating swim ring are also holiday essentials. So now you have your essentials all that remains for you to do is relax and enjoy your baby friendly holiday! And if you haven’t booked yet we are offering £50 off your booking at the fabulous Baby Friendly Boltholes – simply quote BFBCCSS14.