Life Being A Working At Home Mum (#WAHM)

  Not so long ago the word ‘Mumpreneur’ was the new buzz word describing a Mum who has decided to set up her own business.  I am not sure how I feel about this label.  In essence we are all entrepreneurs like our male counterparts, do we need the ‘Mum’ label attached to this as well?  Does it somehow mean that we might be less hardworking because we have a child at home too?  Quite the opposite.  I would have thought my life as a Mum, wife and owner of Custard & Crumble is far from quiet and relaxing!   Juggling Time In The Day Life with a toddler tends to start anywhere between 5.30am and 6.30am at which point the little one comes running into our bedroom and jumps on us as a good morning gesture.  If it is a nursery day I will quickly get us both washed and dressed and ready to drop him off for breakfast.  These days are relatively calm I then have time to pick up a coffee and head home to do a full days work without the stress of catching a train or a long drive to the office.  Non-nursery days however are a lot different.  Of course I want to spend time with my son and the days are littered with various clubs – swimming, singing, football and play dates with friends.  In between, however, I have a business to run and will try and catch a glimpse at any pressing emails, process orders, phone suppliers, speak to customers.  I would be lying if I said I never resorted to a DVD to keep the little one quiet whilst I made an important call or wrote an important email.  Or bribe him with chocolate when an important call comes through whilst we are out.  Inevitably though extra work has to be fitted in once he is either in bed or at weekends when Daddy can spend some quality time with him.  So when do I spend time with my husband, watch some television or read a book?  You find yourself feeling guilty for sitting down when there is always something you can be doing to push the business forward and this is the challenge.  Trying to create that perfect work life balance.   Why I Do It I certainly would not change the route I have taken.  Life as a working at home Mum gives me the power and flexibility to be in control.  I am so fortunate to be able to take my son to his classes, give him his lunch, put him to bed and play in the park.  Many Mums do not get this opportunity and I know many would choose to stay at home if financially they did not have to go back to work.  But coupled with that I also get the opportunity to learn and create something for myself which I think is so important for Mums who may start to lose their own identity once a baby comes into their lives.  Suddenly the most important thing you have ever created takes over and instinct and love tells you to do everything for them.  For me being a Mum and having a business to focus on allows me to have more energy for my child and whilst financially it can be tough starting your own business with or without children, the rewards far exceed anything I would have achieved in my previous job.  In essence it is about efficiency, time management and remembering what it important to you.  If you manage this then being a working at home Mum is rewarding, challenging and enjoyable.