Luxury Moses Basket for Your Baby


Many parents decide to buy a luxury moses basket as the first bed for their child rather than go straight into a cot. There are many advantages to having moses baskets for babies. Firstly they are smaller and therefore provide a cosier environment for your baby to sleep in during those early months – don’t forget they have been used to being nice and warm in the comfort of the womb for 9 months. They also have carry handles and are easy to move from room to room – perfect for keeping your newborn nearby during those daytime naps. The Custard & Crumble range of luxury moses baskets for babies are available in maize or wicker. Wicker baskets tend to be stronger and therefore will last longer than the maize versions. Each basket comes with a mattress and fabric bumper with bedding sets and stands – either static or rocking- available separately. Choose between eco white or natural coloured bedding for your luxury moses basket including a mattress protector, sheets and blanket. One tip for getting your baby used to eventually sleeping in a cot is to place the baby to sleep in the moses basket and place it into the cot. Your baby will quickly get used to its new surroundings from the comfort of the familiar basket making the transition into the big cot less daunting. Find out more about the pros and cons of getting a moses basket or crib.