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Peg-Perego Book 51S Modular System

Incredible details and flawless design for style, comfort, beauty alongside a
functionality list to fill pages.

Sweet For:

 travel system single   

The Cream

  • Pirouette with ease + soft-ride suspension
  • Open, fold and push with one hand
  • Multi-directional, multi-tilt mode seat + large basket


  • Some reports that it is tricky to assemble, but once together we can not find any compromise.


Image: Luxe Beige with solid Bassinet
Weight: 12.5kg


RRP from £960

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Size L x W x H (CM)93x51x106
Size folded (CM) (some with wheels detatched)42x51x85
Age (require a bassinet for use from birth*)Birth to 15kg
Range of Colours4
Special Editions available0
No. of Wheels4
Tyre TypePolyurethane
Suspension (levels vary)Yes
Handle Height (adjustable?) cmY-106cm
One Handed FoldYes
One Handed Recline (main seat)Yes
One Handed Steering (Y/N)Yes
Multidirectional Seat (main seat)Yes
Can be folded with seat attached? (Y/N)Yes
Standing Board? (Y/N) (models vary)Yes
Washable Covers (Y/N)Wipe Clean