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Cosatto Woosh

Renowned for ‘bright’ and bold fabrics, Cosatto scientifically design products to engage babies and promote happiness (video on Cosatto website for more).

Sweet For:

  single lightweight  

The Cream

  • A sturdy frame, one-hand consertina fold package with auto lock
  • Climatic science within luxury tech fabrics, hidden pockets and a magic bell!
  • UPF100+ double-length hood and visor to throw serious shade


  • No adjustable handles
  • Struggles on bumpy ground
  • Ensure that you are happy with the brake position


Main Image: Pompom

Second Image: New Paloma Faith bespoke design details; Leatherette handle, bumper bar, electroplated wheels and trims (RRP £239.95)

Weight: 6kg


RRP from £199.99

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Size L x W x H (CM)74x48x104
Size folded (CM) (some with wheels detatched)56x48x33
Age (require a bassinet for use from birth*)Birth to 25kg
Range of Colours9
Special Editions availableYes
No. of Wheels4
Tyre TypePlastic
Suspension (levels vary)Yes
Handle Height (adjustable?) cm104cm
One Handed FoldYes
One Handed Recline (main seat)Yes
One Handed Steering (Y/N)No
Multidirectional Seat (main seat)No
Can be folded with seat attached? (Y/N)Yes
Standing Board? (Y/N) (models vary)?
Washable Covers (Y/N)No