With so much choice on the market these days (some offering very misleading information!), we thought we’d review the pregnancy apps in today’s market and give you our top 5….

Bumpf1. bumpf

Brand new on the market and recently trending on Threads, this is the one to download!

Best for personalisation, you can move the content, quotes and your own diary notes to match your week.

Offers + journaling with helpful prompts + quirky baby sizes.

We also love the notifications to remind you to monitor your baby’s movements!


Mum and Baby App2. Mum and Baby

Best for expectant parents living in London.

Developed by the NHS.

Keep a digital record of your birth plan.


Pregnancy +3. Pregnancy +

Best for neat layout and functionality.

3D interactive models.

Daily articles.


Peanut App4. Peanut

Best for making friends.

Share your own experience with others.

Join live audio conversations.


Babycentre5. Babycentre

Baby name finder.

Organise photos of your baby’s firsts.

Turn bump pics into a time lapse video.