Organising A Baby Shower


Last weekend I attended a ‘double’ baby shower for two close university friends.  It seems that I am now of an age when hen do’s have turned into baby showers.  An idea brought over from America, baby showers are a great way to celebrate the impending arrival of a little one, showering the Mum to be with gifts and advice.  It is also a great opportunity for a ‘last’ night out with close friends before everything changes!  A group of us took the train from London to Manchester where we stayed in a couple of apartments in the City Centre.  The Mothers to Be knew of the ‘get together’ but were not aware of the plan to throw them a baby shower.  Armed with streamers, balloons, champagne, cakes in blue and pink and party games and gifts – the London crowd arrived at the appartments early to dress the lounge appropriately and prepare the games! The shower ended with a lovely meal out.  Our baby shower was quite an informal affair with no need for invites but if the group attending is varied then it might be worth sending out something more formal to then understand how many to plan the party for. Location of the Baby Shower 1) At the home of the Mum to Be – if you intend to hold the baby shower at the home of the Mum to be it is important to ensure that there are enough people to stay and help both set up and clear up at the end of the party.  The Mum to Be may feel more comfortable staying at home especially if the party is planned towards the end of the pregnancy. 2) Away in a hotel/ cottage – If there is a large group coming from different areas of the country this option may be preferable since not one person would feel the pressure of holding the shower in their own home and a more central location can be chosen. 3) The home of a friend or relative – this keeps the cost lower as well as keeping the surprise element for the Mum to be.   Food & Drink at the Baby Shower The food and drink is one of the main parts of the baby shower.  A finger buffet is usually the best option for this – sandwiches, pre-made party bites, pizzas and crisps are all perfect for an informal gathering amongst friends. I love this novel way of offering popcorn!  The organiser may choose to buy everything and split the cost or alternatively you could ask each guest to bring a contribution to the buffet.  The most important part of the food menu however is the dessert!  A baby shower is a perfect occasion to indulge on cakes and other naughty bites.  Cupcakes adorned in pink and blue icing are a perfect baby shower dessert.  When organising the drinks menu it is important to remember those who will not be drinking.  A non-alcoholic fruit punch is perfect for a summer baby shower with the option of champagne or cava for the drinkers.  Pink champagne is lovely expecially if you are planning a pink themed shower for a baby girl! Tea, coffee, herbal teas and water are all a must!  We love this novel way of presenting the drinks!  Alternatively you could use baby bottles and straws!    Games Baby shower games are one of the main focuses of the party and a handful of party games are a great way to engage everyone and encourage guests to get to know each other. 1) Guess the baby stats – ask each guest to guess the name, sex, date of birth, weight , eye colour and haircolour of the newborn baby.  Keep all the answers and the winner gets a prize when the little one arrives. 2) Blind folded baby food tasting – label 5-10 jars of baby food and ask each of the guests to taste/ smell each one and guess the baby food flavour! 3) Ask each of the guests to submit a baby photo of themselves before the day.  Mount each photo onto a board and on the day each person is to guess who is who. 4) Baby quiz – ask the Mum to Be a variety of baby based questions to check whether she is truely prepared for Motherhood! 5) Drinking Games – with alcohol or water ask each guest to drink as quickly as possible through a number 1 baby teet and bottle.  You will be amazed at how difficult it is! 6) Blindfolded Nappy Changing – using a couple of dolls take it in turns to change a nappy blindfolded in the fastest time possible!  Baby Shower Gifts It is customary to give the Mum to Be a gift at the baby shower whether it be for herself or for the unborn baby.  You may decide to give a joint present from the group or something individual.  Gift vouchers are a great way of ensuring the Mum to be is able to get those last minute items she may still have on her list and avoid duplicates. The Mum to be may already have a baby gift list of the items she would like.  Here are some other lovely gift ideas:- Spa treatment – to help ease those aches and pains in the last few weeks of pregnancy Baby toileteries gift set Flowers Nappy Cake – a supply of nappies built into a cake shape Maternity clothes or vouchers Baby clothes A changing bag A feeding pillow A professional photoshoot Jewellary A sheepskin rug/ buggy liner A framed print for the nursery such as this one from Olli Ella at Custard & Crumble:-