Baghera Ride-On Pedal Cars


    I actually came across the Baghera ride-on pedal cars whilst in France shopping with my French sister-in-law, nephew and son and introduced them into our selection of ride-on cars.  We decided to take the boys into a wonderful little toy shop in Bordeaux.  Full of wonderful delights our little boys were enchanted by the range of toys to play with.  From a mile away, however, my son had spotted the magnificant little ride-on pedal car by Baghera! He got straight on and prepared to speed around the shop!  Difficulties occurred, however, when it was time to leave – tears, straight legs and arched back ensued as my son refused to leave this little car which he now called ‘mine’. Baghera toy cars are made in France my a team of young designers.  They take their inspiration from old classic cars to excite kids and adults alike! Each model is born from hours of work and great attention is paid to the detail and quality of the finish.  All models are compliant with European Safety Standards.

Baghera Ride-on Pedal Car – Le Mans

Top of the range are the Le Mans range from Baghera.  These fantastic ride on pedal cars are designed for children age 2-6 years.  The dimensions of the vehicle are 55x115cm.  This ride on pedal car collection is available in silver (my favourite), green, red and pink so something to suit all.

Baghera – Firetruck

The Baghera firetruck pedal car is sure to excite little ones.  This great truck comes fully equipped with ladders, hose and bell and adjustable pedal positions.  Suitable from 3-5 years, little ones will love pretending to be a fireman and getting into their own truck! The dimensions of this Baghera truck are 51x100cm.

Baghera – Classic Collection

The Baghera classic collection are based upon the retro design of a 1930s classic car.  With the usual attention to detail of the Baghera cars this is sure to be a favourite with Dads!  This classic pedal car is designed for children aged 3-5 years and measures 51x82cm.  With colours for little boys and girls choose between blue, pink, red and green,  the only problem will be taking them off the car!

Baghera – Speedster Collection

For younger children take a look at the speedster collection of ride on cars.  In a variety of fun designs including a fantastic firetruck, aeroplane and police car these cars are suitable from 1 year onwards.  The firetruck is built to last with a padded seat, sturdy metal body and rubber tyres.  Without pedals children have fun riding around the house by using their feet to push themselves. Take a look at the Baghera ride-on pedal cars in action in this great YouTube video!