Cuddle Dry Towel Review


  It is always nice for new Mum’s to feel assured by reading a review about a product they are about to buy, so I thought I would write my thoughts about the famous Cuddle Dry baby towel. I bought the apron towel in blue and white when Jack was about 6 months old, as I was frustrated by the size of the baby towels and was finding it increasingly difficult to spread out the towel whilst trying to pick up Jack out of the bath and hold him at the same time.  I have found this towel brilliant.  The apron styling allows you to tie one end around your neck with the use of a popper leaving you with free hands to pick up your baby and place him on your chest on the towel, keeping you dry and the baby immediately warm.  The towel also has a handy hood on the bottom corner to keep your little ones head warm and dry.  I have had this towel for almost 2 years now and it still remains cosy, thick and ultra soft – made from cotton and bamboo it is so much better wearing than others I have used.   I would definitely recommend this product and will be buying another for baby number 2!