As the weather gets better, the evenings draw out and we even get a little bit of sunshine it’s the perfect time to start getting out and about with your little one. However we know that sometimes it can be a great achievement even to leave the house when you have small children – there often seems to be so much planning and preparation that it makes an artic expedition seem simple! The good news is that it’s well worth making the effort to get outside each day as there are so many benefits for both you and your baby. Exercise is great for your post baby body, the sunshine gives you both a healthy dose of vitamin D and the fresh air means that your baby might just sleep better too (although we can’t guarantee this!). At Custard and Crumble we want to make life as simple as possible for new parents so here are our helpful ideas for how to get out and about with ease this spring. Pack the perfect change bag The secret to success when leaving the house is to have an ever-ready change bag by the front door. It can be a good idea to make a list of everything you need to have in it and then when one of the items is used up replace it instantly. This means that you’ll never have to panic about not having a soother for naptime or a handy snack when your toddler gets peckish. Of course a practical change bag is a must have so why not take a look at our stunning range from KeriKit who combine a stylish look with a handy wipeable lining. They also come with a change mat and a range of clever pockets which are perfect for storing anything from wet wipes to bottles. Get out in the garden If the idea of packing up everything you need and heading out to the park is just too much then why not make the most of your garden. Even if you have a small space you can get creative and make a lovely area for your little one to enjoy the fresh air in. Herbs such as rosemary, thyme and lavender give off lovely aromas and are great for a safe, sensory garden. Or why not have fun with your toddler growing a sunflower and seeing how tall you can get it – it’s a brilliant way to teach then about nature. Of course there’s nothing like having your own garden den and our beautiful Wild West Wigwam is a really popular gift and perfect for having fun in on a sunny day. Be prepared for all weathers When you live in the UK you really do need to be prepared for everything. You can leave the house in a raincoat and suddenly find yourself in a heatwave, or watch as clouds begin to fill a previously gloriously clear sky. It’s always a good idea to take a sunhat and a small bottle of sun cream with you to protect your little one’s delicate skin from UV rays. Don’t forget to pack our snuggly and soft Harlequin Blanket too.  It’s perfect for wrapping up when there’s a chill in the air and can double up as a play mat on the go. So whether you have a newborn, a toddler or a pre-schooler make sure you get outside with them this spring. ‘Be prepared’ is the new mums motto and will make adventures out much easier. Children love the natural world and learning about the environment together is a fabulous way to bond and make happy memories. We’d love to hear your top tips for getting out and about with a little one so why not share them on our Facebook Page or Tweet us with your ideas.