Helping your little one to prepare for pre-school

It’s amazing to see your little one grow up, and as the start of September gets nearer some of you might already be preparing to send your child to pre-school or nursery.  Whilst it can be a really exciting time it’s also very daunting to send your baby off into the big wide world. We know that lots of parents worry about how they can best help to prepare their pre-schoolers for education and the learning environment. The good news is that children instinctively love to learn and most Early Years educational settings will be based around learning through play which allows your little one to learn about the world in the way that suits them best. But there are also plenty of things that you can do at home to make sure they get the most from their pre-school years and are well set up for their future schooling. So here are our top tips for helping them to prepare for pre-school.

  1. 1.     Encourage a love of books

Helping your child to love reading is a vital part of education and it is something that every parent should do. Whilst children will all learn to read at their own pace they always enjoy being read to by an adult, and taking the time to read with your little one regularly is not only great for learning but for bonding too. Why not create a cosy reading corner in the nursery or playroom to encourage them to spend time with their books. We have range of bright and engaging bookshelves to fill with their favourite stories and how about adding a soft feltball rug for them to sit on whilst they lose themselves in the wonderful world of their imaginations.  

  1. 2.     Help them get a good night’s sleep

Having a restful night’s sleep is hugely important for young children as this is a time when their brains consolidate all of the busy learning and playing that they have done during the day. When they wake up after a peaceful night they will be wide awake and raring to go (and they’ll be less prone to tantrums too!). Choosing a good quality organic mattress is a wise decision and will help with any allergies they may have. The pre-school years are also the perfect time to transition from cot to bed and this can be made really easy by choosing one of our beautiful cot-beds which grow with your child and can be quickly transformed from a cosy cot to a comfy toddler bed.  

  1. 3.     Boost their immune systems

When your little one starts pre-school you can find that their health may start to suffer. Spending time with lots of other children can mean that their immune systems have to work harder than ever and you might notice that they are more susceptible to coughs, colds and tummy bugs. It’s important to make sure they get a healthy diet full of fruit and veg but you can also boost their systems with a vitamin supplement. We love the natural children’s vitamin range from Wild Nutrition which offers vitamins without fillers, sugars or flavourings and you can get 20% off with our code WNCC1. By making sure that your little one is well set up to start their educational journey you’ll be confident that they are ready and supported to take their next steps into the world of learning