Getting Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night with Luxury Rocking Chairs


My youngest, Lilly, is almost seven months now.  Time has flown by and I can not believe how much she has changed since I brought her home for the first time last June.  As with my first, I was really lucky with her sleeping and apart from the nightmare first couple of weeks when she thought night was day and day was night she has only ever really woken once a night and then started sleeping through from about 12 weeks.  All that changed however when she got to five months old.  Somehow it feels so much harder when you have got used to that bit of sleep again for it to be taken away so brutally.  No doubt the sudden waking has been due to growing and the introduction of solids.  That coupled with the never ending cold which she appears to have had since last year! I decided to try using one of our luxury rocking chairs to see if this could help…

Luxury Rocking Chairs can make all the difference

She is now successfully eating three good meals a day and part of me thinks that she should no longer be wanting food in the night.  I yearn for a full nights sleep again and having a three year old wanting to play from 6.30am everyday there feels to be no relief…!  I always seem to find an excuse though as to why I should feed her in the night – teething, stuffy nose, growth spurt.  Having luxury rocking chairs in the nursery also certainly helps the pain of having to get up in the night!  According to some experts she should no longer need a feed during the night and has begun to use this as a source of comfort to get back to sleep.

So here are the tips I am going to try!

I will let you know how I get on:-) 1) Ensure you have a set baby bedtime routine – bath, massage, story, milk – making this no longer than about 45 minutes and in a calm environment.  – Easier said than done with a 3 year old boy to get to bed at the same time – routine yes, calming no! 2) If your baby is going to sleep late (post 8.30pm) try to bring the time forward – they may sleep better! – I am certainly happy to try this one! 3) Teach your baby to self soothe – be consistent with the bedtime routine and put your baby in her cot while she is still awake.  Say goodnight and leave the room.  Go in at regular intervals to calm and reassure your baby. – I guess anyone would fall alseep easily if they are being fed in luxury rocking chairs lulled by the soft rocking motion and gentle tones of a lullaby! 4) Controlled Crying – We have been using this method to get her to sleep on her own when we initially put her down but somehow it feels so much harder in the middle of the night when you know a feed will send her back to sleep.  There appears to be different schools of thought with regards controlled crying methods.  I certainly favour the one where you leave the baby for 10 minutes before calming her then 20 minutes and then 40 minutes.  At bedtime she has always gone to sleep before the 20 minutes has lapsed.  I think now is the time to start this ritual in the night.  Speaking to lots of mums it does appear to work and at the end of the day after a few nights pain both Mum, Dad and Baby will have a far better nights sleep and be well rested for the next day. So tonight is the start – no more getting up in the night – will I manage 8 hours uninterrupted sleep – I’ll be a new woman if I do:-) I have mentioned that having luxury rocking chairs, or luxury nursing chairs (whichever you prefer) may appear to be a hindrance in the nursery and getting your little one to sleep! But do not forget for the first 6 months of your babies life you no doubt will be getting up to feed once or twice or maybe three times.  And once the lonely nights are over a luxury rocking chair makes a lovely place to read your little one a story!