Summer Maternity Style


Finding out that you are expecting a baby is probably one of the most thrilling times of your life – you know there are lots of exciting new changes on the horizon, and most new mums-to-be are busy planning the nursery, choosing which buggy to buy and making a shortlist (or long list!) of potential baby names. However as your pregnancy progresses you might notice something else you have to think about – new clothes. Yes, your amazing growing bump means that your old wardrobe won’t fit you anymore and you’ll need to head out to the shops to buy some maternity clothes. Luckily the days where maternity wear consisted of large, shapeless smocks are long gone, and there are now some really lovely, fashionable and chic clothes for pregnant ladies who haven’t lost their sense of style. If you are pregnant summer can often be the hardest season to dress for as the heat can make you feel uncomfortable and you’ll be looking for clothes that are both relaxed and stylish. So we’ve come up with our summer maternity style guide to make sure that you and your bump will be looking wonderful whatever the weather! Cool Clothing To stay cool in the heat a dress is often the best option and we love this range of simply gorgeous maternity dresses from the stylish Nine In The Mirror. Whatever your look there’s something here to suit you – from tailored smart work wear to loose and flowing shirt dresses which are ideal for a final child-free holiday in the sun. If you prefer a more casual look these funky maternity dungarees are a comfy and chic option. Team them with a plain T-Shirt or dress them up for the evening with some chunky jewellery and heels. They will also be great for chilling-out in when your baby is here. What’s more you can now use the code CUSTARD20 to get a fabulous 20% off your order. Get the Glow Of course many mums to be know that beauty comes from within, and nothing can beat that gorgeous pregnancy glow. It’s important to eat a balanced diet when you are expecting but this can sometimes be hard especially if you suffer from morning sickness. That’s why we love this range of organic vitamin supplements from Wild Nutrition which will ensure that you look and feel great on the inside as well as the outside. We are excited to let you know that we can offer you the discount code WNCC1 to get 20% off any supplements that you buy. Sometimes the summer heat can make your skin feel rather hot and itchy so what better way to take care of yourself and calm things down than with some gorgeous skincare products that are especially designed for mums to be. Shea Mootie provides just that with a luxurious range of skincare made from Shea Butter and pure natural oils.  They also have a range for your baby too so why not stock up so that you and your little one can both have baby soft skin! Mix Practicality and Style Most new mums and mums to be know that style can sometimes take a backseat to practicality but this doesn’t have to be the case. Many pregnant woman find that in the summer months they really need a bigger handbag so that they can carry around water to keep hydrated, a facial mist and fan to stay cool. And of course in the final weeks of your pregnancy you might want to have your maternity notes with you at all times too! KeriKit has the ideal solution – roomy bags made of buttersoft leather that transform into change bags once your baby arrives and which look stunning. These are change bags that change with you! With so many stylish solutions for summer you’re bound to find something that suits your mum to be look and we’re sure that you’ll be looking cool even when it’s hot hot hot!