What to look for when choosing nursery furniture?


  Having a baby is such an exciting time, but it is a long 9 months waiting for your little bundle of joy to arrive.  In that time however there is lots to prepare – baby names, baby groups, work and most importantly the nursery!  Looking for your dream nursery suddenly makes everything seem a lot more real.  Being superstitious I waited until the last possible minute before buying a cot bed and changer for my little boy (I wish I’d launched this website before!), but there is lots of choice out there so a bit of preparation will hopefully make the decisions a bit easier! Firstly, there is the decison as to whether or not to buy a moses basket.  I did choose to buy one firstly because a cot would not have fitted in our bedroom and I felt that my newborn baby looked so small in a big cot! Secondly, a moses basket is great as it is portable it can be used in your own bedroom during the night, and then downstairs in the day for daytime naps.  Generally, moses baskets are used until the baby is approximately 4 months old when he will have generally grown out of the basket. A cot or cot bed is the main piece of nursery furniture you will probably buy.  I was quite conscious of choosing some nursery furniture UK built.  There are a number of different styles and options to look for in a cot or cot bed:- 1) Drop Sides – cots with drop sides will have a mechanism which will allow you to lower or raise the side usually with one hand to make it easier to place your baby down to sleep. 2) Adjustable height mattress base – this should be standard with usually 2 or 3 base positions as your baby grows. 3) Castors – Some cots will come with castors making it easier to move them around.  2 of these must be lockable and should always be locked when in use. 4) Teething Rails – These clear plastic strips fit onto the cot edges to protect both the cot and your babies gums once they start to teeth. 5) Cot or cot bed – Cot beds are larger with removable sides and will last until your child is 4 or 5 years old whilst a cot will last until your child is ready to move into a toddler bed between 2 and 3 years.  If you want something really unique you could choose a round cot like the one from Bambizi.  This cot is superb and fit for Royalty! 6) Safety Standards – Ensure your cot conforms to British or European safety standards. 7) Finish – Choose a durable, non-toxic finish on your cot. 8) Mattress – make sure you choose the right sized mattress with no more than a 4cm gap between the mattress edge and the cot. 9) Cot Position – Make sure you position your cot away from direct sun, windows, heaters, lamps and wall decorations. 10) Style – A white sleigh cot is often the most popular choice, but you may choose something more modern or space saving. The next important piece of furniture is the changer.  There are now lots of different options when buying a baby changer.  Some cots are available with a matching changer which fts neatly across the top of the cot.  You might choose a changing table which will have shelves underneath to house the all important nappies and other baby essentials.  Or you might choose to buy a chest of drawers with the option of a changer on top.  That way once your baby no longer needs the changer you can remove and still use the chest of drawers. Wardrobes or chest of drawers – if you decide to buy a changing table or top you will need somewhere to store all of your beautiful new baby clothes.  A baby wardrobe will usually have the option to have both hanging and shelf space, whilst a chest of drawers provides space on top to house all those baby essentials.  Whatever you decide make sure that they are sturdy enough not to be pulled down by your little one, and that drawers are kept closed to prevent trapping little fingers! Bedside tables and shelves  – I would not say these are essential pieces of nursery furniture, but if you have the room are lovely to have and if bought within a matching set with cot and changer will create a beautiful look.  A bedside table is great for placing a bedside lamp to create soft lighting for your little ones room as well as their favourite book! Enjoy picking your nursery furniture – I hope this has been of some help in making those decisions!