Pink Lining Changing Bag Review


  As I said in my last blog about the cuddledry towel, I find it always reassuring to read a positive review about a product before buying it.  So here is another review, this time of the fabulous changing bags by Pink Lining. I had always admired my sister in laws pink lining changing bag, and felt very jealous as I met on our playdates with my boots free bag for joining the parenting club! My husband thought that sufficient and liked the fact it was black – not that he ever used it!  For my first Christmas with Jack and a new Mum, I was over the moon to receive the new pink lining yummy mummy changing bag with grey bows.  I immediately transferred all my baby belongings into the new bag with pride! With so many useful new found pockets it was difficult to know where to put everything but there was plenty of room, with space for two bottles in insulated pouches, a phone pocket, two nappy pockets, a clear wet zip bag and padded changing mat.  The outside pocket is really useful to hold keys and other need to get to necessities.  The bag also has an adjustable shoulder length strap which will easily go over the pram handles great for new Mums.  I have had my bag for two years now and it has worn really well.  Whilst I do not have the need for it now everyday, it is a useful overnight bag for my toddler who is still in nappies and I’ll certainly be using it daily again when baby number 2 arrives.