Helping your baby to sleep through the night


When you ask most new parents what one thing they find the hardest about having a young baby you’ll probably get the resounding answer “lack of sleep!”.  Whilst some babies seem to be naturally good sleepers many wake up regularly throughout the night, and there’s no doubt that whilst it’s always lovely to have a cuddle with your little one 3am isn’t the ideal time for it. So how can you help your baby to sleep better (and help yourself to get a bit of a rest too) – we’ve come up with some great suggestions for you to try out. Keep your baby in your room with you You’ll often hear this referred to as “rooming in” by health professionals, and it is recommended by the NHS that babies should sleep in the same room as their parents for the first 6 months of their lives. As well as being better for your little ones safety the knowledge of having their parents near to them can also help to comfort restless sleepers. If you don’t have space for a cot in your bedroom then a Moses basket is the ideal solution for the early months. Comfy, cosy and portable it means that wherever you are your baby can go with you. We love this simple white Moses basket set from Izziwotnot which has been designed in neutral colours to suit any room scheme. Go organic We all know that organic food is good for us but did you know that you can get organic bedding too? As well as being snuggly and soft our organic mattresses have the benefit of being extra breathable to help your little one control their temperature better. They are also anti dust mite and 100% chemical free. This makes them ideal for babies with eczema or allergies and means that your child gets a better nights sleep with no coughing, sneezing, itching or snuffling! We also have a stunning range of bedding and duvet covers which as well as being adorably cute are made from luxurious organic cotton percale. Get some fresh air Fresh air is well known as an aid to sleep and it’s good for body and soul. Try to take your baby out for a walk every day to give them a taste of the great outdoors. The exercise will also help you to relax and get to sleep too. We love the Bugaboo range of pushchairs as there’s one for every lifestyle from country living to city slickers. So choose the pram to suit you and get out and about – both you and your little one will feel better for it. Help your baby to relax A calm and relaxed baby is more likely to fall asleep easily. It might seem that sometimes the crying will never stop but luckily there are a range of ways that you can help your baby to chill out. Learning baby massage is a brilliant way to bond with your baby and it can really help them to relax too. There are plenty of courses and books out there to help you and we recommend using a gorgeous natural oil such as the Shea Mooti baby oil. Gentle movement can also help your baby to drift off peacefully and many mums say that a rocking chair is a nursery essential. Our gorgeous Ro-ki Rocker chair is perfect for rocking your little one to sleep and who knows – you might like to have a snooze in it too! Hopefully our suggestions will work for you and you’ll be getting a restful night in no time. If you have discovered a great way to help your little one visit the land of nod then do let us know on our social media pages as we’d love to share it with others.