The journey through pregnancy, birth and babyhood can be amazing. After all your body has single handedly grown, birthed, fed and nurtured a new human life – wow! However as all mothers know this can also leave a toll on your body, and many women experience a number of unexpected changes to how they look and feel after having a baby which can sometimes be stressful or upsetting. But we’re here to show you that there is life after birth and there’s plenty of great products out there to help you adapt to this new stage in your life. Take post baby weight loss slow and steady One thing that most women find after they have given birth is that their weight has increased. But don’t worry! Firstly it’s perfectly natural to put on some weight during pregnancy as your body lays down more fat to make sure that the baby will get adequate nutrients as it grows. You should never try and diet whilst you are pregnant but instead make sure that you eat as healthily as possible, and as long as your doctor agrees you can still take regular exercise. Staying healthy during pregnancy means that you won’t have as much to lose after you have given birth. The main thing to remember when losing weight post pregnancy is to take it slow and steady. After all it took 9 months to go on so you shouldn’t expect it all to go in a couple of weeks. Breastfeeding can really help you to lose weight and also has the benefits of helping your tummy muscles contract too. We also found that a daily walk with your baby in the buggy is a great way to burn off calories and get your baby to sleep at the same time. Don’t suffer in silence from pelvic floor damage Pregnancy and birth can cause damage to your pelvic floor muscles often leading to stress incontinence. Many women feel too embarrassed by these problems to talk about them and end up suffering from the unpleasant side effects in silence. In fact your GP or Health Visitor will be happy to help with any issues that you may have and will be able to give you good advice on how to resolve any problems you have with your pelvic floor muscles. One product that you could use to strengthen your muscles is the fabulous Elvie pelvic floor trainer. This high tech device even connects to an app that helps guide you through your exercises and tests your muscle strength. We think it’s so good that we are giving you £15 off with our code CUSTARDELVIE15 Look your best whilst breastfeeding We all know that breastfeeding is great for your baby and for you. But, if you like looking stylish, you might worry about getting clothes that look great and provide convenient access for your little one to feed. You’ll also find that post pregnancy boobs need a little more support too! That’s why we recommend Nine In The Mirror as a one stop shop for gorgeous looks that flatter and support your body. Their Beyond The Bump range has everything you need to keep you looking stunning whilst adapting to life as a new mum including a fabulous underwear range. What’s more we can offer you 20% off with our code CUSTARD20. Your body is fantastic and we think all new mums should be so proud of what theirs have achieved! Remember to take care of both your mind and body post birth so that you have the energy to take on everything that motherhood has to throw at you!