Weaning Recipes


  My little girl is almost 5 months now and the time has come to start to have a think about weaning.  I rem ember with my son that during the initial first few months the only thing I felt like I was doing was feeding, preparing food or clearing up food! So to help you out during this fun, exciting and often messy experience, we thought it would be nice to provide you with some inspiration for new weaning recipes. With these great ideas we can help to make your weaning experience easier and provide some tasty meals for your child (and for you too!). It is always nice to have new and inspiring ideas when it comes to cooking and if you’re unsure what you should be giving your child then having some recipe advice is really important. These wonderful weaning recipes come courtesy of a local Hertfordshire chef who specialises in baby food. She brings her expertise as both a chef and a mum to create these delicious new recipe ideas. Choosing brightly coloured healthy foods, with interesting flavours, can help develop your baby’s taste preferences and set them up for healthier eating habits – and our recipes are designed to do just that! Whether you’re looking for meat-free recipes or not, fruit or vegetable-based, we will be providing you with a range of healthy weaning recipes designed to suit your baby’s diet and progress, and to help them to get the nutrients that they need.  

Take a look at our range of weaning recipes available:

1) Sweet Potato, Carrot & Ginger weaning recipe 2) Spiced Apple and Plum weaning recipe 3) Braised Beef with Butternut Squash and Thyme 4) Rice Pudding with Pear and Vanilla 5) Spring Risotto with Green Beans, Pea and Mint   We will be adding more recipes monthly so please keep checking our blog for some new ideas! Out first recipe is sweet potato, carrot and ginger – sure to be a winner!