Keeping Well This Winter


So Halloween is over, the last of the bonfire night toffees have gone…and you know that winter is well on the way! Whilst it’s lovely to look forward to Christmas with your little one we also know that the dark evenings and the chills in the air are not always great for your health or that of your baby. In the winter months our immune systems often struggle to fight off infections and, combined with high levels of central heating that encourage germs to spread, it’s all too easy to catch coughs and colds. If you are pregnant or a new mum it’s really important to keep yourself well this winter and of course you want to prevent your little one from nasty sniffles and tummy bugs too. The good news is that there’s lots you can do to keep as healthy as possible in the colder months and so here are our tried and tested tips for winter wellness… Wrap up warm and stay cosy Fresh air is always good for you and it’s important for your health to keep active despite the often gloomy weather. But of course when you take your little one out you’ll want to ensure that they are kept toasty warm even in the depths of winter. We recommend investing in one of our “oh so cosy” cellular blankets. These are the only blankets recommended for new-borns and have been specially designed to give a soft feel on babies delicate skin. The clever design also means that they help your little one stay cool in summer but warm in winter, so you can still get outside every day safe in the knowledge that your little one is protected from the elements. Good sleep means good health Sleep is vital for keeping well so it’s important to make the most of it. However we know that this isn’t always easy when you have a new-born! If your baby or toddler naps in the day then try to sleep at the same time. You can also make falling asleep easier for yourself by cutting out caffeinated drinks and soothing yourself with a warm bath and a mug of camomile tea before bed. If you’re pregnant it’s also a good idea to take it easy especially in the final trimester. For daytime naps why not invest in one of our Co-Ko Rocker nursing chairs to soothe you to sleep. When your little one is here they are ideal for comfy late night feeds, and they are also perfect for snuggling up with your older children on a winters evening for a cup of cocoa and a story! Take your vitamins regularly A healthy diet is important for everyone but particularly for new mums, mums to be and young children. Fresh fruit and veg are brilliant for providing your body with the nutrients that it needs but in the winter months you may be left feeling that you still need a bit of a boost. So why not think about taking a regular vitamin supplement to ensure you are firing on all cylinders?  These vitamins from Wild Nutrition are naturally formulated and they have special blends for fertility, pregnancy and beyond. We think they are great and we’re offering 20 % off with our special code WNCC1. Be prepared with a winter medicine cabinet It makes good sense to be prepared early with a winter first aid kit. For children’s sniffles and high temperatures it’s a good idea to have in Calpol and a vapour rub such as snufflebabe to hand and rehydration salts are useful in case your little one suffers from tummy bugs. For the adults in the house make sure you have a stock of painkillers, Lemsips, throat pastilles and balsam tissues.  Don’t forget to take anti-bacterial gel and wipes out with you too in your change bag to help keep germs away when you are out and about! Winter can be a fantastic season but it’s definitely a time to focus on keeping healthy too. We’d love to hear how you deal with winter bugs, coughs and colds. If you have any keeping well tips why not share them with us on our Facebook Page or tweet us @CustardCrumble